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Jul 232014
Indianapolis Colts

After studying during the off-season, it’s time for our guys in blue to take the field.

The regular season is still over a month away, but it won’t be long before our Indianapolis Colts take the field for another exciting season of football. After a run to the Divisional Round of the Playoffs last year, Andrew Luck and Co. will be looking to build on their success and make a Super Bowl run. It all starts this week at Training Camp at Anderson University, and you can start your support of the team early on the cheap.

Entire practice sessions are open to the public for FREE, with visitors parking for just $5. It may not be quite the same as watching them play at Lucas Oil Stadium in a game-day atmosphere, but you can’t beat getting to see these guys live for FREE. While you’re there, you can enjoy Colts City adjacent to the practice fields from Thursday July 24 through Sunday August 10. You can enjoy Colts inflatables, autographs from our Colts Cheerleaders, concessions, a Colts Pro Shop, and interactive booths with fun for all ages.

We encourage you to check out the Colts City website for more information on special theme days along the way. Between Armed Forces Day, a BBQ Bash, and more special days, there’s something for every Colts fan at Training Camp this year. Don’t miss your chance to take an early peek at our team before they strike fear into the other 31 teams in the NFL.

Jul 232014
Hauler Parade

The excitement starts long before the engine do on Sunday.

Most of you already know that this weekend features the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Second to only the Indy 500 itself, the Brickyard is the next biggest race of the year here at the Racing Capital of the World, and it of course merits a series of fun lead-up events. One such lead-up event is the annual Hauler Parade, and it’s FREE to public.

You don’t need tickets to enjoy this festive event. The Hauler Parade itself takes place on Main Street in Speedway, and features trucks gathering on the street before driving together into the track. The IMS gates open at 8:00 a.m. and don’t close until 6:00 p.m., so you can make a full day of it if you wish. The main event takes place at 5:00 p.m., so you might still be able to make it if you work. For those of you making a day of it, you can check out the full schedule of events going on at the track at the Hauler Parade website.

Jul 232014
Barnes and Noble

“It’s the Barnes and Noble promotion you deserve, AND the one you need right now.” -The Dark Knight

If you head into a Barnes and Noble store right now, you’re likely to notice something a little out of the ordinary. As we’re writing this post, in fact, you’re likely to see plenty of DC Comics on display. Wait for a few days and the emphasis will switch to Disney’s Frozen, then Marvel, and so on. From now through Sunday August 10, participating Barnes and Noble stores are celebrating popular entertainment with a series of special events. For example, July 23-27 will feature a DC Comics Spectacular. If you visit a participating Barnes and Noble store in that window, you’ll find specials on DC Comics graphic novels. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy giveaways and activities.

Each portion of the Get Pop-Cultured Series at Barnes and Noble only lasts a short time, but this allows you to enjoy a plethora of pop culture subjects. The following is the calendar of special events during this program:

  • July 23: Batman Day (in honor of the 75th Anniversary of Batman)
  • July 23-27: DC Comics Spectacular (for all of Batman’s colleagues, of course)
  • August 1: Frozen Friday (you can cool off with Olaf)
  • August 2: Marvel Day (nobody wants to leave out the Avengers)
  • August 3: James Patterson Day (when you sell over 300 millions copies of your books, you get a day at Barnes and Noble)
  • August 4-9: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (this one is geared towards kids aged 5 to 10, giving them a chance to come out of their shells)
  • August 9-10: Page and Screen Weekend (kind of a catch-all for any other pop culture not already covered)
Jul 232014
Cherry Pinspiration

We’d call this post the apple of our eye, but that would be berry wrong.

Rainier. Bing. Maraschino. No, we haven’t completely lost our minds (well, maybe we have, but that’s not why we’ve listed those three words). We’re listing off types of cherries, as cherry season is officially underway. You may recall a post we wrote last week about The Produce Mom offering a special menu at McAlister’s Deli. The Produce Mom is also working with Sage Fruit Company to hold the Very Cherry Pinspiration Contest.

That may be a bit of a mouthful, but the contest is relatively straightforward. From now through July 31, you can participate for a chance to win prizes in the Very Cherry Pinspiration Contest. Two winners will be randomly selected to receive prize packs including a “Lettuce Be the Change” cookbook, Sage Fruit water bottle, Sage Fruit frisbee, and a golf tee set. One grand prize winner will also receive the prize pack, along with a $100 Visa gift card. As we’ve said countless times in the past, someone has to win these contests, and we’d love it to be one of our Cheapsters.

To be eligible to win, you just have to follow these three steps:

  1. Follow The Produce Mom on Pinterest
  2. Follow Sage Fruit on Pinterest
  3. Find a link on The Produce Mom’s Facebook page, and then pin three separate cherry recipes when prompted

Winning one of the prizes would be the cherry on top of this fun contest (pun intended), but if nothing else you’ll still find plenty of fun recipes involving cherries. You can use those recipes to enjoy cherry season to the fullest.

Jul 222014

Men's WearhouseWe’re not sure if we’ve ever written a post about Men’s Wearhouse before at Indy on the Cheap. Men’s professional clothing doesn’t tend to be a subject line associated with the “on the cheap” lifestyle. In this case, however, we’ve heard of an event that we think will qualify for sheer savings. Right now, Men’s Wearhouse is trying to reach its goal of giving away 150,000 items to help men get back on their feet.

As of our writing this post, they are over halfway to their goal, but help from Cheapsters like you can propel them to the finish line. If you bring any gently used professional clothing to any Men’s Wearhouse while the suit drove lasts (through Thursday, July 31), your donation can help someone transform his life. Appearance may not count for everything, but a professional suit is a non-trivial expense for someone trying to impress a potential employer.

While helping others in our community is a reward all its own, Men’s Wearhouse is willing to offer an extra incentive for Cheapsters like you to participate. If you donate, you will receive a coupon for 50% off your next purchase (excluding shoes, clearance, and Exceptional Value items). Considering even cheaper business suits can cost hundreds of dollars, this 50% discount represents a huge amount of money saved for you.

Jul 222014
Dollar Tree

Help military children go back to school fully prepared.

If there’s one three-word phrase that is more famous than all others at the end of July, it’s “back to school.” Part of the tradition of kids heading back to school after summer break includes picking up new supplies (you know, all those pencils and books that Alice Cooper sang about back when school let out for the summer), but it isn’t always that straightforward for military children.

For families dealing with deployment, relocation, and all the other stresses that accompany military life, back to school shopping is often an afterthought. Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree have been joining forces for the past several years in order to get military kids ready to return to school. For the sixth year, they are coming together on the Back-to-School Brigade, and you can help with this awesome initiative.

From now through August 14, Dollar Tree stores will be collecting school supplies to give back to military children. Here in Indy, the participating Dollar Tree stores include the locations at Shadeland Station, Westgate Plaza, and Arlington Square. With all the back-to-school sales coming up, it’s really simple to just buy a few extra supplies along the way and donate to children who could use the boost of morale. Once the program ends, Operation Homefront volunteers will collect and distribute the gifts to military children over the next month or two.

Jul 212014

HotBox PizzaIt’s tough for two people (or one person with a monstrous appetite) to eat out for $10 these days. It’s a tough feat even at a place like McDonald’s, unless you both eat off the dollar menu. Costs everywhere are rising (which is a big part of why we do what we do here at Indy on the Cheap), and that makes a day like the one upcoming at HotBox Pizza that more much special.

HotBox Pizza is celebrating ten years of delivering hot pies here in Indiana. To show their love for the customers who have stuck by them for a decade of deliveries and carry-out, HotBox is offering its signature order on the cheap. On Wednesday, July 23, you can enjoy “the Deal” for only $10. The Deal consists of a large one-topping pizza, an order of breadstix, and two drinks in the signature HotBox cups, and it is normally a decent value at $16.49. It’s a great meal for two to share, and doing so Wednesday means being able to say you were both filled up for just $10.

We hope to let you know about whatever deal HotBox offers for its 20th anniversary, but for now we’ll just salute the local pizza restaurant and wish it a happy birthday.

Jul 212014
2-for-1 Tuesdays

Grab your best friend and make it a double with McAlister’s and the Indians.

If you’ve been counting down the days, you know this is a big week for McAlister’s Deli. We’ll be sure to remind you later this week, but Thursday, July 24 is FREE Iced Tea Day at McAlister’s, which is the deli equivalent of Christmas. We’ve written about the opportunities you have to win prizes in the days leading up to the big day, but we’re actually taking the opportunity to discuss a different McAlister’s Deli deal in this post.

This deal is a recurring one featuring our Indianapolis Indians baseball team. Tuesday home games are called 2-for-1 Tuesdays because you have the opportunity to purchase two tickets for the price of one. This is a great opportunity to add some fun and excitement to an otherwise mediocre night of the week, and we’re thrilled to let you know how to do so on the cheap.

If you visit any Central Indiana McAlister’s Deli location, you can pick up a voucher good for the two-for-one admission. Access the Indianapolis Indians Promotion Webpage and when you reach Step Three of purchasing your tickets,  you can enter the promo code you’ll find on the voucher to enjoy the discount. After that, you’re off to root root root for the home team. Here are the remaining 2-for-1 Tuesday games at Victory Field:

  • Tuesday July 22 vs. the Knights
  • Tuesday August 5 vs. the Mud Hens
  • Tuesday August 19 vs. the Bats
  • Tuesday August 26 vs. the Bats

And for more good news? This Friday, July 25 McAlisters is offering the new 2014 tumbler with discount refills anytime you bring it back. Supplies are limited at each store, so put this higher on your Friday list of things to do.

Jul 212014
Domino's Pizza

FREE Pizza goes to the fastest fingers.

Domino’s Pizza is offering up a goldmine in contest winnings in the next few weeks. The prizes are going to belong to those who take them the fastest, which we know from experience with our movie ticket giveaways is good news for our Cheapsters. Okay, lets back up and offer a more thorough explanation.

Right now, you can sign up to join in the fun on the Domino’s website. The first 150,000 people to sign up will be entered in the game. Sometime between now and Saturday, August 9, Domino’s will send out emails to everyone participating. They will give away prizes to the first 50,000 people to click the links in those emails. It could be at noon, 5:00 p.m., or 3:34 in the morning. The fun part is that the best prizes are given away first. The fastest person to respond to the email will receive FREE pizza for a year.

After that, the prizes continue with $100 gift cards, $50 gift cards, and so on down the line to a $1 gift card to the 50,000th fastest person. It’s FREE to play, so you have nothing to lose from signing up. If you keep a close look on your email, you might just win big in the next couple weeks.

Jul 202014
The Bike Line

The summer sale at The Bike Line is this week.

Even casual bikers have had a wonderful summer for riding a bike around the neighborhood. Whether you’re a serious cyclist who rides all the time or just someone who wants to continue to capitalize on the long-lasting days of summer for the occasional bike ride, The Bike Line is the perfect place to stock up on plenty of accessories or even purchase a new bike this week.

This week is so perfect because the 2014 Trek Summer Sale is going on right now. From now through Monday, July 28, you’ll find a great selection of bikes and accessories on sale at The Bike Line (located at 724 South Rangeline Road in Carmel City Center. Some of these items have high price tags, as they are not the sort of bike equipment you’ll find at Target or Wal-Mart. If you’re serious about your bike equipment, however, the following sales add up to an incredible amount of savings:

  • 2014 Trek Madone 4.7 C: Usually $3,149.99, this bicycle is on sale for $2,699.99
  • 2014 Trek CrossRip: Usually $989.99, this bicycle is on sale for $849.99
  • Bontrager Trip 100: Usually $49.99, this bicycling mileage computer is on sale $44.99
  • Bontrager Specter Helmet: Usually $139.99, this pro-level helmet is on sale for $109.99
  • Bontrager Sideswipe Cage: Usually $24.99, this water bottle cage is on sale for $19.99

For more information on these deals as well as other products on sale, we encourage you to stop by The Bike Line this week while the sale lasts.