Oct 252013
Dairy Queen

A reason to expand your lunch horizons

It’s still up in the air whether the economy is starting to turn around. While economists and politicians debate, however, we know you continue to look for deals. Part of that process includes seeking out value when you eat out for lunch. For that reason, we’ll point out for you that Dairy Queen has an awesome lunch offer that they call the $5 Buck Lunch. The idea here is that you’ll get more bang for your (five) buck(s) when you choose the Royal Ice Cream restaurant for the middle meal of the day.

The Dairy Queen $5 Buck Lunch will be available daily from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at participating locations. Here’s the breakdown – you’ll have three entrees to choose from. You can enjoy a quarter-poound GrillBurger with cheese, a three-piece Chicken Strip Lunch, or a Chili Cheese Dog. Regardless of which entree you pick, you’ll receive fries, a beverage, and your choice of a sundae. Or if you’d prefer, you can pay $1 more to upgrade the small sundae to a small Blizzard.

If you’ve always looked at Dairy Queen for dessert first and foremost, the $5 Buck Lunch is a compelling reason to give them a second look for lunch.

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