Sep 102013
FREE layaway makes big purchases (like laptops) easier.

We at Indianapolis on the Cheap aren’t the only ones who have recognized that times are tough these days. It has dawned on businesses that we are all watching our budgets carefully and seeking good deals wherever we can find them. One such business is Walmart, and they are about to begin a deal that can save our Cheapsters plenty. This deal is FREE layaway.

In general, layaway plans offer a way for customers to pay for purchases in installments. For a family with a tight budget, big expenses add up quickly. Layaway lessens the burden for a particular month on those purchases. When your other alternative is paying the whole balance with a credit card, layaway looks like a better deal because you aren’t paying interest like you would with a lingering credit card bill.

The problem (at least up until now) was that layaway wasn’t FREE. Most retailers charge a layaway fee to cover their administration expenses. That’s why this is such a great deal coming for Walmart. Layaway will truly be FREE (other than the cost of the items you’re buying, of course). Customers can start a layaway account in Walmart by visiting the Services Desk. Customers can then make payments at any register in that store throughout the following months. This can help tremendously for buying big Christmas gifts like iPad Tablets, big screen TVs, or smartphones.

Officially, FREE layaway begins on Friday, September 13 at Walmart. So, why are we bringing this up a few days in advance? Fans of Walmart on Facebook will receive a head-start by having FREE layaway start on Wednesday, September 11. So, if you don’t want to wait until the end of the week, you can click here to go to the Walmart Facebook Page and become a fan. Either way, enjoy the FREE layaway by the end of this week.

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