Mar 072013
TGI Fridays

Jack Daniel’s burger joins the lineup.

Probably the most common word in a restaurant advertisement, regardless of the kind of food served, is combination. We don’t like to just eat a bunch of one thing, but prefer our meals to combine at least two dishes together for a meal of variety. Half of the menu at the typical fast food restaurant is made of combination meals, and most sit-down restaurants offer the ability to create combinations in different courses. TGI Fridays is no exception to this, but they have placed their own spin on the plate with the Pick Two for Ten offer.

The basic idea is that you can pair your choice of appetizer with an entree, and the combination is only $10 regardless of which two you choose. That price alone should be enough to make this an attractive offer, but we’re specifically bringing it to your attention because TGI Fridays recently added to the list of entrees with help from Mr. Jack Daniels. In addition to the options you had before, you now can choose Jack Daniel’s Crispy Shrimp or Burger as your entree of choice.

This means you now have five appetizers and twelve entrees to choose from. If our finite math serves us correctly, you could eat at TGI Fridays 70 times without having the same meal twice (and that’s assuming you aren’t counting different beverage choices). Now, rather than continuing to sit through a math lecture, head on over to TGI Fridays and pick your favorite combination.

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