Mar 062013

Red LobsterGet ready for some surf and turf, although maybe not on the same plate. Two chain restaurants want to see you sitting in their booths this month, and they’re willing to discount their prices to make that happen.

Outback Steakhouse,with its Australian accented commercials and American decor, is offering $10 off any two entrees on the menu between now and March 25. You need this coupon, which you get by liking Outback’s Facebook page and giving them your email address and zip code. They’ll email the coupon.

Red Lobster skips the Facebook page, but they also want to know how to contact you in the future with their specials, and are willing to trade a coupon for $10 off two Lobsterfest meals for your effort (or unclick the “I would like to receive special offers & information from Red Lobster.” box. Either way, they send you a coupon.). Just click here to get started.  And note that this coupon is good only for Lobsterfest, so if you’re a salmon or tilapia kind of diner, see Outback.



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