Mar 052013

newsletterFor Indianapolis on the Cheap subscribers, this morning is a colorful change to your morning routine. Yes, we’ve jazzed up our newsletter template, thanks to a new host system.

The transfer did generate some stray requests to confirm your account, and we thank you for that extra step. But the information on deals, discounts, and freebies remains the same and the schedule is still Monday through Friday. We only generate newsletters over the weekend for events and offers that are truly Big Deals. (My personal guideline: would I risk waking my husband up to tell him this?)

March is a great time to be a subscriber, as we will give this list first crack at FREE family pack movie tickets next Tuesday to see the screening of The Croods, as well as a chance to participate and win prizes in a March Madness bracket pool.

If you haven’t yet joined our list, it’s FREE and easy. See the subscription box in the top right corner of this screen? Type in your email address. Feedblitz will kick over a verification email to that address, and once you click that link in your email box, you’re all set! Indianapolis on the Cheap is owned and operated by local reporters who have a personal aversion to selling lists. The only correspondence you’ll ever receive from this angle is generated on a keyboard in Greenwood.

As always, thank you for participating in our community!


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