Mar 062013

Support the Fire Department over a succulent pizza dinner.

UPDATE: Jockamo will have more of these hats available on Friday, March 8. Let’s cover the walls for IFD!

If you’re making a list of the organizations you love in Indianapolis, it wouldn’t be particularly surprising to see Jockamo on the list. Since October of 2007, Jockamo has been providing “Upper Crust” Pizza to the city. They now operate out of locations in Irvington and Greenwood, and are committed to feeding you high quality pizza. They do this by using fresh ingredients, making their own dough and sauce from scratch, and making a serious effort toward great service.

Another organization that might miss your list because they slip your mind until that fateful day when you need them is the Indianapolis Fire Department. Naturally, all of us are grateful for our local firefighters. Sometimes, though, it takes an incident like the explosion at Richmond Hill to jar our memories as to how much they do for us.

However, Jockamo is refreshing our memories in a less tragic way by holding a fundraiser to support the fire department. Between now and St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday, March 17) Jockamo’s Irvington location will be selling Guinness firefighter helmets for just $1 each. Not only will you pick up a cool firefighter hat, but you’ll have the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that all proceeds are going to support the Indianapolis Fire Department. That’s a fundraiser that tops all of our lists.

  2 Responses to “Jockamo fundraises for local firefighters”

  1. Kevin, on behalf of Jockamo I’d like to thank you very much for the nice write-up. I’m a manager and server at the restaurant. Many of our employees have family members in the IFD. The firestations in the area are great customers of ours and they work incredibly hard to protect our community. We really appreciate you spreading the word on our fundraiser.

    We sold so many helmets in the first couple of days that we’re currently waiting on more to get in. Our Irvington location is the one doing the fundraiser and we should have more in soon. Thanks again!

  2. You’re very welcome, Casey, and thank you for the kind words. We’re more than happy to report on any opportunities to help our firefighters in the community. Best of luck with the fundraiser moving forward, and stay in touch!

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