Feb 282013

daily dealsFor the newer Cheapsters to find our site, we wanted to offer a quick explanation of our daily deals continuous feed tab  — and a reminder to those of you who never actually clicked on that category and don’t know what you’re missing.

As a unique feature, Indianapolis on the Cheap works with an app developer to pull down all of the area and national Groupon, Deal Chicken, Living Social and Sweet Jack offers for the day. The feed is updated every three hours, which I can vouch for because I always seem to check in when the little “we are updating. Please come back in a few minutes” sign in on.

This means you can skip individual emails in your mailbox and make this a one-stop shop for those half price vouchers and stunning deals we’ve come to know and love. All of the vendors in our stream are vetted; yes, there are more programs and I’ve personally made test orders to see how their systems work for accuracy, customer service, returns, delivery speed, etc. Some of them have outright failed, to be honest, and you won’t see their lists on our site.

And we’re the first to admit that Living Social goes overboard with all of the national items for sale, yet every time I’m on the verge of cutting them back, I find something on that list that would cross another person off my birthday list. So Living Social remains in all of its glory, and I wish you the same happy treasure hunting. And Sweet Jack recently began listing the area of the city for its deals, to make it easier on your upfront decisions.

If you are an existing customer of any of these sites, your computer cookies will take you straight to your own account at, say, Groupon where your credit card is already registered. There shouldn’t be any need for extra steps or data re-entry. Indianapolis on the Cheap is paid a small commission on every voucher someone buys through these links, so while we’d be the last people in the city to urge you to spend money unwisely, if you need the item, we are grateful when you access your account through us.

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